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B-52 is a truly superior Skunk breed that grows some very heavy buds. It is ideal for the larger/commercial cannabis grower. The maternal side of its family tree hails from Big Bud, among the oldest of the commercial strains. Big Bud is a classic producer with little foliage to prune, plus a sweet spicy flavor and an Indica-dominant body stone. As with other Skunk varieties, B-52 has a superior sweet taste that make you detect the sativa influence. A fast cannabis strain, flowering giant buds, it is a very good producer. It provides a cool cerebral stoned effect for its users and is a truly superior skunk selection. As with other Skunks, superior sweet taste and aroma, the well known Sativa influence is detected in its high. It is a super fast grower for a skunk strain.

Facts about the B-52 Strain:

B-52 is an ideal variety for the indoor cash cropper.
It is Heavy and dense with a rich, sweet hash like aroma
Grows with heavy buds, like Big Bud!

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10 Seeds = $80
Type:Dominant Indica 75% / Sativa 30%
Climate: Indoor
Height: 45 to 55 cm
Flowering period: 7 weeks

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